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Advanced Pet Clinic based on its keenness to always support its customers in every possible way and provide services to them. It is pleased to offer its customers a new service that will provide communication between their customers through a site dedicated to classified ads where everyone can show any pets they own or have to be adopted or have used equipment or equipment they used for their pets, or any new equipment for breeding they wish to display and sell to any third party, our new site provides them with this service in an easy way and completely free.

We offer this free service, which we hope you will enjoy. We hope that it will be used properly and that we have made every effort to show it to you in the right way and style. Please note that all the transactions that will take place through this site will be under your full responsibility. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy and the Site Usage Agreement, which will explain in detail all points relating to the use of the site.

We thank you for your cooperation and your response, and we will be at your disposal to answer any queries or respond to any suggestions that will develop and improve the service that we will always endeavor to do.

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